The reason we focus on martial arts, and in particular MMA
Owning Our Future for Perpetuity
Jordan Neely loomed so large and powerful in the minds of some of his fellow subway riders that several of them held him down long after he was already…
While some martial art instructors seek out books on war and domination, I turn to cookbooks for inspiration on nurturing people and fostering a sense…
Leaving a Lasting Impact
Big Men and the Illusion of Greatness
South Korea's Economic Growth and the Legacy of US Exploitation
A Reflection on Love and Family
As a coach or participant in combat sports, it's easy to get caught up in the desire to win, but what happens when that desire comes at the cost of…
Jordan Neely's lynching and martial arts' power dominance culture.
What if we are complex truths rather than simple delusions? What if we are fluid rather than straightforward? What if we are like water rather than a…
Kicks and Knees WorkshopCoach ring3r on posture and balance while kicking and kneeing.