Liberation Martial Arts

Online Curriculum

Dec 5, 2022

For liberatory collectives, communities, trainers, and individuals who have been looking for a martial arts program to follow that isn't from reactionaries, we've made Liberation Martial Arts. It's a program for those solo leveling (training alone) or leveling up as a group. Safety, longevity, and leaving no one behind have been top concerns for the curriculum.

LMA isn't geared for the best, most elite in the classroom. It's for the participant with zero experience to level them up like an overpowered character in a Webtoon.

For those with experience, it's a program that fills in the gaps and provides them with theory (physical and political), problem-solving, pedagogy, and a progressive curriculum.

The curriculum isn't just about learning how to fight; it's also for fitness and rehabilitation. You get what you want out of it. But unlike reactionaries who only think about strength, we also think about injury resistance and physical therapy. It's not just about teaching you how to punch; it's also about not hurting yourself when you do. It's not just about power but also restoring the body. It's not just about protecting the body but also maintaining the body. It's not just empowerment but also responsibility. Self-defense is the bodies we restored along the way. Lots of thought, effort, research, and listening have gone into this.

The program features technique videos but also stand-alone essays. In addition, all the videos come with transcriptions and closed captioning. You should be able to learn in the way that works for you.

We don't follow the "A fash lifted weights today, did you?" model. We believe rest is revolutionary, and so is feeling free in your body—which requires more than just strength and power. In our fight club, we believe in healing, not just damage. We believe in being yourself and having fun. We need our own pedagogy, and we hope the LMA model is something more progressives, socialists, revolutionaries, and marginalized communities will adopt.

If you're already part of a program you enjoy, this isn't meant to replace that but to supplement. For those who have no other option than to train with reactionaries, LMA is an alternative for culture and community.

As a participant, you're not just doing something for yourself; you're also helping to support and grow LMA and the entire Southpaw project.

It's a thoughtful approach to martial arts. Find the curriculum here.