Tape Study: Advanced Distortion and Leading

Shakur Stevenson and Giorgio Petrosyan

May 12, 2023
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In this video, watch how Shakur Stevenson and Giorgio Petrosyan use their lead hands to not only distort their opponents' perceptions but also to have their opponents distort their own perceptions.

Stevenson not only puts his hand in front of Shuichiro Yoshino's eyes but also touches his lead glove, affecting his proprioception. When Yoshino's lead glove is touched, he either raises his glove to block—blocking his own vision—or ducks his head while blocking—effectively making himself blind.

The gloves are like sensors for boxers, and by constantly touching your opponent's gloves, you feed them information.

Watch Stevenson's eyes, he's taking it all on. His gaze is continuously on his opponent. For Yoshino, his eyes are either behind Stevenson's glove, his own gloves, or looking at the ground while punching blind. During the six rounds, he barely saw Stevenson and would charge onto counters or duck into uppercuts.

Once Stevenson took away his opponent's eyes, it was no longer a dangerous fight, which allowed him to be more aggressive and finish his opponent in six rounds.

Stevenson claims he's an exciting fighter who's willing to stand in the line of fire, but if you're good enough, you can stand in the line of fire while making your opponent shoot blanks.

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